Tuesday, January 18, 2011


With hearts popping up everywhere, I thought I'd post
some little hearts I created.
Wire and strip of fabric is all you need to make a ruffled
heart(I like to use a gauzy material).
Or stitch up a lovely paper envelope with an embedded
fabric heart! They're perfect for gift cards.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Bedroom makeover

After so many months, we finally did a complete bedroom
makeover! So much time was spent into making it imperfectly lovely. =)
We mostly used things we already had, thrift store or yard sale items
and lots of handmade. We estimated the total cost of the makeover
around $250! At the end I ran out of time to find good deals and ended
up buying a new curtain rod, as well as the material to make the bed spread,
bed skirt and a few of the pillows. I've been all over blogland collecting ideas,
so I'll be including links to the sites that I can.

Here is the BEFORE.. we never bothered to invest in a bedroom suite but I'm
happy we didn't because we had an opportunity to get creative!


Door to headboard idea I see everywhere I go, so might as
well join in. Funky Junk Interiors has a very unique headboard.
She shows that anything goes! The white bedspread inspired by
Dreamy Whites. Those are the two blogs I've followed for a year
probably! Very inspiring ladies.

Pallets to shutters to frame the mirror made by my husband.
The chair was sitting by the curb, so was the tall dresser!
Definitely can't pass up free stuff. The desk was given to us
as well. Winnipeg has generous people. =) You just need to
keep your eyes open. All these things are solid wood. People
are crazy.

The simplest window treatment you'll ever find. No sewing
involved. Cheese cloth hung over a rod and tied with ripped
cotton fabric strips. The bedside table (phone table) off

The words I painted on the window treatment
go like this "I wake up this morning, Lord; the sun shines through my windowsill. How can I help but praise Your name!...Each day Your mercies are new, refreshing to me as the dew; You are my bountiful supply." Inspired by
The Shabby Chic Cottage.

40 or so rosettes for now. The goal is to keep adding.
Candle holders handmade from spindles.

I realized the bed skirt would have to have a couple seams
so instead of trying to hide them I decided to draw attention
by clustering rosettes. Works for me.
Tin sheeting.. gotta love that texture. I checked out The
Sugarbayer Company
, and fell in love the way they used the
sheeting on their doors. That's when I thought of the desk sitting
in our garage. Yes I went and dumped another project on my
husband. Ok he says he enjoys making things for me.. =) I'll
give him a break now. Without him I wouldn't have gotten very

I have no idea what that blue thing is.. All I know is that it's
solid wood, and looking much better in a chippy blue.

Most of my projects include raw edges. The reason? It's
the simplest way of making anything, and it adds such lovely
character. The crochet rug handmade and inspired by my
sister. You can see her rugs at Pioneer Home.

Chicken wire jar lotion dispenser first seen on Beautiful Nest.
Wall hanging inspired by Beyond the picket fence.
I've been transferring images to fabric and happy how these
turned out with the raw edges and vintage feel. The photo
stitching inspired by my friend Vera. Our family photo shoot
was done by Simply Rosie Photography. Check out her work!

I hope you enjoyed the tour!