Friday, September 11, 2009

Family evening

We went to Fort Whyte Alive, took a walk on the trails. Probably not a good idea to let Braydon push the stroller on the boardwalk..can you tell I look scared?? ha After that we went to the thunder rapids with Franco and Doris and their children. Daddy thoroughly enjoyed taking Braydon around the track. :) I think Braydon enjoyed it but he seemed quite serious the whole time..haha

My handsome boys...

Luke is 1 !! (bday aug 25th)

My baby not so baby anymore.. The first year of having Luke seemed sooo busy but now I see myself slow down a wee bit except that the house is messier than ever..haha..I guess that shows they're playing lots. Still not having much opportunity with painting with 2 boys on my heels but the time will come.
Luke was not feeling well on his birthday and his eyes were swollen. I still want to take him out for his 1st Bday pictures, but the mosquitos are soo bad still and it's the 2nd week in September! Not complaining about the awesome weather though..hehe..Here's my baby with the little tweetie bird cake I made for him.. :)

Very difficult to get a 1 year old to look at the camera long enough to grab a shot, but yay this time it worked. I might've cropped this picture, but other than that I have not touched it.. I loved how his eyes turned out soo blue.. ;)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mother and Daughters

Yay for 7 sisters...and sister-in-laws or in this case sister-in-law because only Doris was around! We went out for a lovely dinner. It was too chilly for a July evening, but was still nice. :) We don't get to do that very often. (Sorry for almost taking your head off in that one picture, Annie!)


What's summer without strawberries?! Every summer Eddy and I will go picking berries together but this time we went with more family. That was fun. I adore these pictures of Grandma and Braydon. Grandma showing him how to eat the berry. Luke ate so many berries..heh..

Chocolate dipped strawberries!

Summer in our backyard

Eddy prepared a big area behind the garage and filled it up with pebble stones. Braydon and Luke have played hours in there this past summer. It was a hit!

Yay we got to have a monday family supper at our house. We really enjoyed it so much. I liked how grandpa was enjoying his grandchildren that evening.:)

With such a wet and cool summer, we decided we wouldn't get a big pool for the boys, so on the few hot days I filled the little pool..hehe.. better than nothing right? In the back you can see my tomato plants (we're already enjoying its fruit!) and Belize blueberries or huckleberries or bilberries whatever you wanna call them.. (hah Annie).lets see if we'll get to pick them before winter comes.Oh and berry plants are taller than me now. It must be rich soil.

Braydon's 3rd Birthday!

I thought it was about time to update my blog.hah.. It's September but Braydon's Birthday was on June 28th!
A very simple decorated cake for my 3 year old. He was thrilled that his cousins Joshua and Sienna came to eat cake with him.hehe.

Yes it was my birthday too!