Thursday, November 4, 2010

Some little things I enjoy or have been working on lately. As usual, it's either made of free or thrift store materials,old clothes or left over scraps.. =)Those things make me happy.. hehe
How beautiful is hand stitching? I was going through some of my little pieces of fabrics and decided I would start a sort of crazy quilt..not sure if that's what I'm going to end up with, but I am so excited with the first few blocks. =)
After many, many attempts I finally like my crochet rugs(mini rugs for now)in soft floral prints!

I love yellow! Well any colour really, but yellow is so cheerful. Love the little drawers that came with some free furniture. I don't have any reasons to throw a party of any kind, so I feel the need to do mini set yellow and in blue. =)

More free furniture. I don't think we need any more for now!

Our boys love it when I take the time to make them something. They'll stand and watch and keep asking if it's done yet.. =) Some of their cars are so tiny and get lost easily, so this car caddy seemed like a perfect solution to keep them safe and something that could make road trips a little more enjoyable. Mind you by the time we make our next road trip this won't be exciting anymore and I'll have to make something new.