Thursday, November 4, 2010

Some little things I enjoy or have been working on lately. As usual, it's either made of free or thrift store materials,old clothes or left over scraps.. =)Those things make me happy.. hehe
How beautiful is hand stitching? I was going through some of my little pieces of fabrics and decided I would start a sort of crazy quilt..not sure if that's what I'm going to end up with, but I am so excited with the first few blocks. =)
After many, many attempts I finally like my crochet rugs(mini rugs for now)in soft floral prints!

I love yellow! Well any colour really, but yellow is so cheerful. Love the little drawers that came with some free furniture. I don't have any reasons to throw a party of any kind, so I feel the need to do mini set yellow and in blue. =)

More free furniture. I don't think we need any more for now!

Our boys love it when I take the time to make them something. They'll stand and watch and keep asking if it's done yet.. =) Some of their cars are so tiny and get lost easily, so this car caddy seemed like a perfect solution to keep them safe and something that could make road trips a little more enjoyable. Mind you by the time we make our next road trip this won't be exciting anymore and I'll have to make something new.


rosie said...

Rosella! everything about this post is so pretty I'm swooning!! all the soft colours YUM! Let's throw another party! haha.. I might have to ask to borrow that quilt in the future LOL

Cook Family said...

Wow! Your creativity is incredible! I agree with Rosie... love everything about this post. I am so hiring you and/or Rosie to do my girls' next bday parties... :)

Rosella said...

aw thanks... Like Rosie, I'd be thrilled to do a girl's party..or help out.. =)

Kimberly Chorney said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful... The colors are so pretty, you put together everything so perfectly! You are one talented lady! would love to walk through your house!

Pioneer Mom said...

My sister has turned into such a 'country' lady, hasn't she? I love it!!! :)