Thursday, September 10, 2009

Summer in our backyard

Eddy prepared a big area behind the garage and filled it up with pebble stones. Braydon and Luke have played hours in there this past summer. It was a hit!

Yay we got to have a monday family supper at our house. We really enjoyed it so much. I liked how grandpa was enjoying his grandchildren that evening.:)

With such a wet and cool summer, we decided we wouldn't get a big pool for the boys, so on the few hot days I filled the little pool..hehe.. better than nothing right? In the back you can see my tomato plants (we're already enjoying its fruit!) and Belize blueberries or huckleberries or bilberries whatever you wanna call them.. (hah Annie).lets see if we'll get to pick them before winter comes.Oh and berry plants are taller than me now. It must be rich soil.


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Pioneer Mom said...

Actually they are called sunberries, or wonderberries! Oh and people here call them black nightshade. So, pick a name you like!

Pioneer Mom said...

We are actually having a very good berry year here; there are more than I can pick. But the weather sure is nice for it so sometimes I just do it. They don't go well with stevia though, so am not sure how to enjoy them... :( It will be our very special treat once in a while.