Friday, September 11, 2009

Luke is 1 !! (bday aug 25th)

My baby not so baby anymore.. The first year of having Luke seemed sooo busy but now I see myself slow down a wee bit except that the house is messier than ever..haha..I guess that shows they're playing lots. Still not having much opportunity with painting with 2 boys on my heels but the time will come.
Luke was not feeling well on his birthday and his eyes were swollen. I still want to take him out for his 1st Bday pictures, but the mosquitos are soo bad still and it's the 2nd week in September! Not complaining about the awesome weather though..hehe..Here's my baby with the little tweetie bird cake I made for him.. :)

Very difficult to get a 1 year old to look at the camera long enough to grab a shot, but yay this time it worked. I might've cropped this picture, but other than that I have not touched it.. I loved how his eyes turned out soo blue.. ;)

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