Monday, May 25, 2009

My Monday

7:45 AM I am awakened by my 2 year old... "mommy i'm wet". Into the bathroom we go to change a stinky diaper. Next it's " I want cispy wice". I prepare that and let him eat while I go feed Luke and change a stinky diaper. I come back to the kitchen, and off we go back to change another diaper on the big boy... we've only been up for 20 minutes!
I call mom and ask if it's ok I drop the boys off for 9 o'clock while I go to my massage appt. Yay that's awesome... For 1 hr I have no worries.
10:30 AM "mommy I want waffin"(waffles). Off I go to make waffles, from scratch.. Anything to get him to eat cuz he's had a stomach bug since thursday morning. "Braydon, the waffle iron is hot, careful". A moment later, "OW!" Yup, it's turning into a blister. On goes a bandaid and lots of kisses. He doesn't eat much of the waffles so I save it for later.
11:00 AM Starting to make lunch but Eddy says we can pick up lunch on our way while we do errands and drop him off at work. How sweet of him I won't resist. The counters are filled with dirty dishes anyway, I really don't feel like cooking. I sit down on the couch holding Braydon in my lap. Why don't I do that more often? A little later I tell him, "You can watch mighty machines, Braydon. Lie down on the couch with your blankets." He falls asleep. That's great he needs his rest.
Yes I should wash the dishes, but I want to sit at the laptop because the house is fairly quiet.I had a restless night after all I need to relax.
12:30 Pick up timmy's coffee and a light lunch and off we go on errands with the whole family! We see a bedroom suite( a really good deal!..$599. but we're not sure. We'll think about it for a bit. Next we let Eddy go check out a phone and I wait in the car with the boys.. "Braydon careful, you're almost dumping your waffles" (he never finished them at home). He looks at his waffles, a minute later,"mommy, i dumped waffles".. that's just great. If only I had been quiet in the first place.
2:00 pm. Dropping Eddy off at work, that was not so bad. Time to go home... wait, gotta pick up chicken while I'm sort of driving past the store. Thankfully I can park right close to the door and no i am not taking the boys inside. I just lock the doors. I come back and baby's screaming cuz he's soo tired. "we're almost home, Luke, almost home". Braydon in his sweet voice also tries to calm baby but he just cries till he falls asleep. I look in the rearview mirror, see Braydon, and he flashes me one of those sweet smiles and my eyes take a picture of that smile and no one can steal that from me. I sing the rest of the way home. (almost).
Almost 3 PM . Both boys go for a nap! It's quiet... I look at the kitchen counters...... but I really should go for a nap while they're sleeping. I lie down hoping the counters will be clean when i get up.
It's 4 pm! I bet Elizabeth is already at mom's (monday night dinners at mom and dad's). Luke just woke up, but I'm waiting for Braydon. They both need a bath! It's now or at 9 pm... I can't do it at 9... Luke goes into the tub but Braydon refuses. I don't want to force him because he still doesn't feel too well.
5 o clock .. Get to mom's house! I can breathe again.. It's a wonderful place to be. Good food, fun family.
8:30 pm Braydon doesn't want to go home. Grandma says he can stay for the night. So I kiss him goodnight and go home. I feed Luke, snuggle with him and listen to his baby talk.
9 pm- Luke is tucked away all cozy in his bed. ---The house is quiet--- I look at the kitchen counters again....nope the dishes can wait till tomorrow. I am exhausted and glad's it's the end of the day, but I am happy to be a mother!

A clean house? Someday. For now I want my children to feel loved and cared for...I want to see them happy and I am learning to let go of some selfishness. (no I'm not proud of a dirty house but with 2 very energetic boys, they need mommy so much. I want to see the toys all over the house, because that's a sign that they were playing! Braydon's been sick since thursday, and the basement is too tidy. He has not played in there since Friday. He has had diahrrea till today and still complains about tummy ache and looks quite weak. I've heard the word mommy more over the past few days than I would over a couple weeks time. Yes it made me tired but I love him to pieces. :) It's 10 PM, my honey will be home soon...Goodnight!


Pioneer Mom said...

That is a mommy day all right. I know what you mean by toys all over being a good sign, because when my children were sick a few days ago, the house stayed pretty clean, but I figured I preferred it the other way!

Carl said...

Love it!!! Sounds like me.... well my children aren't sick but the getting up in the morning and "I want to eat this" and then I want a lil longer snooze in bed but two min. later "I want something else"... then there goes the extra sleep. Hardly ever happens... and the dishes... girl... I feel the same why you do... hehe... and the toys... at least Jasmine enjoys playing and I get meals cooked for my husband.. and if the dishes are left there for another day well that just has to be... as long as my hubby gets fed and my children are happy... I'm happy too...
My baby is growing up too fast to leave her to grow alone and me doing dishes... so I leave my dishes and enjoy playing with her on the floor or play with her in my room in the AC when its hot like these days.. heh...
Enjoyed your story...