Monday, March 29, 2010

Taking a break

Always making myself busy with my hobbies but I think it's time for a break..=)Here's a look at some of my latest projects. Ever since I moved the sewing machine into the basement, I am right where my boys are playing. I find that there's times when I need the company of my boys.. hehe
We're planning on going to Iowa this long weekend to visit Daniel and Annie(my sister) before they move to Belize! I'm so excited about a road trip. I might get to do some shopping on our way there.. yay.:)


Grace said...

Rosella, I for one, love love your projects!! So talented you are! And Hannah is available for a photo shoot in that dress. I know she is only 8 months but she is about 19 lbs and it is not yet summer maybe in a month or two? :D Oh and I hope you win!!

Rosella said...

Thanks Grace! =)

Stephanie said...

Hi Rosella! I was one of the many who requested to know who made the beautiful skirt in the Ruffles contest on Ruffles and Stuff's blog :) I was just wondering if you would consider posting a tutorial or even a PDF pattern for the skirt? It's beautiful and I would love to have one for myself :) I'm a stay at home mom who dabbles in sewing and because we're on a single income I don't have the leisure of shopping whenever I want :( So, I've opted to try and make some of my clothes. Just wanted to know if you would consider it :)
Thanks for sharing the's beautiful!

Rosella said...

Hi Stephanie and thank you! I will be honest, I don't have a pattern for the skirt. I kind of made it up as I went along! Because of the interest in that skirt, I am willing to making another skirt and I will try to take notes/pictures as I go along and post it once it is complete. Hopefully it turns out ok! =) So check back in a few days!

rosie said...

Screams talent and WIN! :).