Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Happy Birthday to Braydon and me! I don't care much about celebrating my b-day but if I make Braydon's day special anyway, why not make myself a pretty cupcake to enjoy:). B's 4th birthday and my age doesn't matter..

I didn't want to spend a lot of time making stuff, and this definitely didn't take very long. I wanted a nature theme for Braydon's cupcakes, and I love love moss and always admire it. So I found a rotten branch covered in moss for the base, and a sheet of moss at my sis to cover the plate. The template for cupcake holders I found online, so I grabbed a frog scrap paper and cut them out. They really are only for appearance, it got messy because of the cupcake holder. For the letters, I simply melted chocolate chips and wrote the letters on parchment paper and hardened them in the freezer. Braydon was totally thrilled about having the neighbour children over to share his cupcakes with and to get to know them better.
Because I enjoy decorating, I found some ugly brass candle holders, spray painted them white (yes I have to paint everything) and tiny little plates, glued the plates to the candle holders and love how the cupcakes are sitting so pretty. haha. :)

It's definitely very special to share a Birthday with your own child..

Yes there's only one candle..=) He didn't mind.

In the evening we went to King's park which is very close to our place and took a relaxing walk. I borrowed a little scooter from mom and dad for Braydon. He learnt so quickly to balance the scooter with both feet on it and is super fast with it
Picture of us taken by Eddy.

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