Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I haven't found a girl yet to model these hair pieces,
so thought I'd post them anyway. I'm so waiting
for spring and this floral headband cheered me up. :)

I've been making quite a few gray camera strap covers
with creamy rosettes, and figured those colours would
look great on hair pieces as well. The rosettes are
removable which allows me to change it up for different
outfits. :)


rosie said...

they are beautiful! I know lots of models :)

Hannah McCalvary said...

Hey, I would love one of these! XD The problem is I always get headaches from wearing headbands. :(

Jessica Deane said...

These are so darn gorgeous!

Do u ever plan on making a gray & yellow camera strap cover?? :) (The rosettes of course)

Rosella said...

Thank you and I bought yellow material for rosettes!! I will keep that in mind.. ;)

Jessica Deane said...

Please contact me if you do!! I'll keep looking back in too :)