Tuesday, July 26, 2011

kite theme party

I mentioned I would throw a little party for my son's birthday.
With kites, and the colours aqua and grey in mind, I started planning.
I really wanted to keep it quite simple and it turned out great!

Rosie from Simply Rosie Photography was sweet enough to come by to set up and photograph the table! I'm in love with her style, photography and so fortunate to have her so close. She has a way of capturing anything and everything in the loveliest of ways. :) Huge thank you to Rosie!

All serving trays were made by my hubby.

Quick fabric kites to hang on the ladders.

Ruffle pie crust pops. It worked so well and love how they turned out!

Simple food, great friends and one very happy 5 year old!

Until next time!


rosie said...

Amazing rose!

rosie said...

Thanks Rosella!! I'm so glad i was able to join you. It was fun and so pretty!!

Auntie Cake said...

So happy to found you! Love your sweet site. Happy Birthday to your son, looks like a wonderful party!

Pioneer Mom said...

hmm, I should have seen this sooner. A belated birthday to my big nephew! And a husband that helps out with a party? Good for you! I love looking and gleaning ideas from you. I have acquired something 'new' recently that I have wanted to have for a while. Will blog about it soon!

Tammy @ Type A said...

beautiful, love the colors you used. what a fun party. thanks for partying with me!